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thrapsano pottery

And the name of it... Thrapsano!

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There are several versions for the origin of the village name and most of them are connected with the traditional relation of the village with pottery.

According to the first version the name Thrapsano is a compound word from the verbs “thravo” (break) and “psino” (cook), because during the baking process many vessels were broken “thrivotan”.

Another version says that the name comes from the verbs “thalpo” and “thrapso” meaning heat. From these comes the name Thrapsanos = “kaminaris”, professional name of persons who bake the vessels.

As a pottery center, it is quiet possible, that the village was named Thrapsano due to the existence of broken ceramics around kilns in big quantities, called “thripsala” (smithereens), or “thrapsala”.

As a last version which does not have a relation with pottery is that the word Thrapsanos is a corruption of the word "throphanos" which means big, tall and robust man.


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