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Thrapsano - Myths and traditions

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Looking at historical data/facts and hearing unpublished histories from senior residents we can see that the village has many myths and traditions.

 The most important myths of the village are the miracles that took place in “pigadi” (well), that is found outside Virgin Mary church by which it took its name as Panagia (Virgin Mary) Pigadiotissa.
Some people had fallen in this well, from which the residents used to takes water once, but in a supernatural way the well overflowed the water and brought them outside without being drowned.
The last report that is mentioned in the leaflet "The Miracles of Panagia Pigadiotissa" is about Antonis Mavrantonakis a village resident who fell in the well in 1914 at age of 10 and the well overflowed and brought him outside.
It is also reported that Andreas Kornaros witnessed the same miracle himself. According to latest testimonies the water of the well is also considered as miraculous. Reportedly, during the well construction, in order to stop the water flow, they placed the icon of Virgin Mary in the well. When the construction was over the residents transported the icon back to the church.
However the other day, the icon was found again in the well.

In the same church during the Ottoman occupation a monk lived who is said to have founded the first “krifo sholio” (secret school) of the region.
The students were gathered in a cell were they learned elementary writing and reading from the Book of Psalms.

In the region where Saint Nikolaos church is located (place where the village Nimfodora today called Nipodora once existed) it is said that it was named so because the region was a “doro” (gift) of a “Nimphi” (bride). Others believe that there existed a church dedicated to three women martyrs: Nimfodora, Mitrodora and Minodora.

It is said that in Livades lake mentioned above, fairies came out at night and they danced with anyone found in front of them, up to dawn; then they disappeared.


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