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thrapsano pottery

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Thrapsano potters festival

Potters festival in Thrapsano, Crete
  • Pottery workshops: You can watch the traditional pottery art and choose from the biggest perhaps variety of earthen utensils.
  • The Primary School that constitutes the ornament of our village.
  • The church of Panagia Pigadiotissa with the well-known well, and the rest of temples of the village.
  • Livada, our beautiful small lake that is a frequent destination for the visitors and the residents of the village.
  • The Central  Square and a walk in the village’s streets, taking into consideration that Trapsaniotes are characterized for their hospitality.
  • The Potters  Festival. Each year on 17th July (Santa Marina celebration day) the village honoring the potters, organizes three day events in the primary school yard.
Livades - the little lake of Thrapsano village


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