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thrapsano pottery


Αστέρια ΑνενεργάΑστέρια ΑνενεργάΑστέρια ΑνενεργάΑστέρια ΑνενεργάΑστέρια Ανενεργά

I am grateful to all these people who helped me with this project and particularly the following for providing useful information and invaluable help and material:


  • The director and owner of language school Mrs Betty Kasapaki (BA in English Univ. of Athens, MA in TEFL/TESL Univ. of Birmingham) for proof reading the main texts as this was a determining factor to upload the pages in English.
  • The "Hostsun Web Services" for providing hosting and technical help during the creation of the pages.
  • The "Center for the Study of Traditional Pottery " and particularly Mrs Betty Psaropoulou for providing historical data for the pottery of Thrapsano.
  • The "Nature History Museum of Crete" and particularly Mr. Dretaki Michael (ornithologist) for providing information about the reservoir of Livada.
  • The "Public Library of Chania" for providing help to find the related bibliography.
  • The "ARHAIOLOGIA" magazine for providing permission right of the photos, and particularly Mrs Anna Guest Papamanoli (archeologist)
  • The painter Kosti Kelaraki from Thrapsano for providing permission to use his painting "the potters of Thrapsano" as header in the pottery page.
  • The potters of my village who I have photographed.
  • My uncle Ioanni G. Ploumaki (potter), for providing information about the pottery art.
  • The priest Emm. L. Ploumaki for providing historical data of Churches
  • ...


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